Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aerogarden lighting up in our living room

We've had a change in gardening lifestyle over the past several months and are now downsized to no physical garden space on a daily basis.  It's been an adjustment. After spending a couple months without my herb garden to walk out into and harvest from, I am back to the Aerogarden, given how successful it was for us last year. 34 days and we had edible herbs.  It's a currently produced, financially viable, mini version of this amazing futuristic growing kitchen.

This shift also means that my children's garden in our yard will not happen in 2012.  It doesn't however mean that it will not ever happen.  Life has a way of shaping us, and I view this year as one that will move me in a better direction.

Oddly enough, our vegetable bins have never been fuller this time of year.  Family have been generous in their offerings from their gardens in filling our fridges and freezers.  Some of my tricks now to preserve fresh garden foods include:

1. boiling and freezing kale
2. chopping chives and freezing in ziploc baggies
3. boiling and pureeing spinach for smoothies
4. freezing small amounts of my purees in ice cube trays.

Next big question, what are the 7 plants we should grow to eat in our mini garden?

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