Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making Healthy Kid Food

Simple, healthy food for kids is easier than you may think.

I make batches of basics that both kids and adults can enjoy. In this round, a batch of garden kale steamed with garden onion, quinoa, broccoli, and ground turkey meat.

Kale and onions from our garden 
Ground turkey

Variety is great in making each mix.  I rummaged through our fridge to look for little leftovers and found bow-tie pasta and sweet potatoes. You'll also want to look through your spice drawer, flavor is critical to yummy food.  Salt and pepper are not used in this process. 

Based on the size of chunks you want, fill the food mill with all the ingredients that are too big for your little one to munch down.  In our case I hand cranked the kale, turkey meat, pasta, and broccoli. For both the turkey and broccoli, I left some aside to break apart by hand. The sweet potato mushes up with a fork in the bowl.  This addition of larger chunks ads texture and sometimes comes in useful as finger foods when I need a moment to take a bite of my own dinner.

I did two different meals with the same basic ingredients.

Option 1: Pasta, turkey,broccoli
Option 2: Quinoa, turkey, remnants of broccoli (and pasta), kale, sweet potatoes

In both instances, I added seasonings that I enjoy from the spice drawer. I highly recommend options such as hot peppers (just not too much), paprika, sesame seeds, cumin, garlic (if you don't have fresh heads cooked into any of the food), and this amazing Israeli Meat blend that comes direct from Tel Aviv thanks to family. I'd tell you want is in it if I knew, but it's all in clear plastic baggies when it arrives here from their market.

After a lot of hand cranking while watching some good old TV shows or singing to the music on the radio, you'll find yourself with a full container of minced food.  Fill jars and freezer safe containers with the goodies, label with the ingredients and today's date, then store for the next couple weeks.

What meals do you enjoy making to freeze for your kids?

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