Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harvest time

We returned from Europe to a week of sunny humid weather in Seattle.  That has made for some fantastic harvests.  

Tomatoes have been ripening a few a day.  In prep for freezing, I boiled them for 30-60 seconds, transferred them to an ice bath and then removed the peels that now easily slid off.  As I quartered them I removed some of the juice and seeds, the rest dripped into a bowl as chunks sat in the strainer waiting to freeze. I labeled quart size freezer bags with the date and Tomatoes, then filled them about a third of the way full, based on expected portion sizes for meals.

Jetsetters and Mortgage Lifters

Last year we didn't completely dig all the potatoes and this year they popped up between the beans and the garlic.  We left them to grow and prosper, with for once no effort, and as a result ended up with about a third of a paper bag of potatoes!  This morning I was delighted to eat my first batch for breakfast.

The plums are plump and juicy on the trees. We sliced a couple gallons of them in half today in prep to freeze. Of course we were out of gallon freezer bags so they are in the fridge waiting for our run to the store tomorrow.

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