Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seattle Art Museum - Nurse Log

Today we ventured to the SAM Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.  As part of the perminent exhibits, there is a greenhouse built over a nurse log specifically selected to demonstrate growth of plant life on the decaying tree trunk.

I was struck by the reason the volunteer host returns each year to this exhibit, watching life grow quickly.  The nurse log reminds me being a new parent.

Rain water collects from the roof and is stored in large cisterns indoors. It provides some 80%+ of all water needed.  The green tinge in the photo is from the overhead tinted windows, designed to provide dappled lighting like a forest. 

If you are ever out on a hot or rainy day in Seattle, I recommend a stop in to cool off or stay dry.  Count the number of different kinds of plants growing on the nurse log.

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