Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plant Prop 101

A quick garden bench created with our sawhorses and a plank of plywood made for fast work on new cuttings.
Now is the time to break apart those extras greens or color and pot them up for our upcoming plant trade.  We save pots from nurseries to re-pot plants for trades and propagation.
Click here for photos of plants we have for trade.

2011 Veggie Plan

Each year we take the time to map out the vegetable patch. Not only does that help keep us on track with what we have space for, but it ensures crop rotation consistently occurs. The primary goal of rotation is to prevent common diseases which can occur when the same or related plants are grown in a bed year after year.
A plan can be very simple.  Grab a notebook, label the top of the page with the year.  On the backside of the left page we list all of the veggies we want to grow. On the right side, front of a page we draw a sketch and box in areas for each plant.   Our map accounts for walkways and through our previous experience we know approximately how many we want to grow and how much space to allot. 
The big bed drawn here is about 18ft x 20ft.  At the top are two apple trees and this year we are reducing our varieties of vegetables due to time constraints by replacing corn and potatoes with strawberries and likely eggplant. 
What size patch do you have?  Comment for ideas with your veggie layout.

Monday, April 11, 2011

South Seattle Plant Trade

We are hosting a plant trade May 7th.  Turns out to be the same day Kubota Gardens has their plant sale.  Bring your plants to trade and a potluck item to share.  No plants? Then bring your crafts or cookies to exchange.

For experienced and new gardeners, big plots to small patio garden pots, all gardeners are welcome.

Please RSVP via comments, via Garden Web(must be a member), or on Facebook for directions.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

AeroGarden Day 34: Wow that dill is a forest!

We have started pinching the basil to encourage bushing out. See the root growth in the photo. Impressive development in short time with water, aeration, and nutrient packets.
The dill has a mind of its own and is growing fast and furious, about to hit the grow light.
There is something extremly therapeutic from the humming sound and glowing light. It cheers us up on rainy Seattle days.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Start of the Veggie Patch

Sunshine poured into the garden this afternoon signaling time to prep the vegetable patch.  This past season we did not overwinter with a cover crop, resulting in the weedy cover in the photo.  After an hour of hoe and rake work, one third of the bed has been recovered and is ready to be sown.

Our beds will include:

A section under the apple trees will be replaced with strawberries.  We are working on the layout this week and will post when complete.

To hold down the grass around the edges we have started placing cardboard, a handy recycling method for boxes from Amazon. The best cover were burlap bags from coffee grounds and thick chips for free. Both are harder to come by, so we are starting with what we have.  As a boarder, I am recycling our old patio boards.

The daffodils are blooming as are the hyacinths.

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