Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 26: Aero Garden

All of the seeds with the exception of the chives have sprouted.  In the back the tall spindly greens are dill and to the right is the basil. They both came up the quickest. Limping along in a healthy way are the thyme, mint, and oregano from left to right in the front.
The feeder roots are white and hairy, soaking up the aerated water.  We came home from a two week roadtrip to find the nutrient light blinking. I added two more pellets and hit the reset button.
Some of the basil leaves had a bit of dried brown on them. I pinched those leaves off. Perhaps that was due to the lack of nutrients in the water, there has always been sufficient water in the container.
Won't be long until we are looking up recipes on Allrecipes in which to use our green morsels.

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