Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is here

Tomatoes are coming in everyday, Jetsetters, Mortgage Lifters, and Sun Sugar Cherry tomatoes.

The Hedychium Ginger plant is in full bloom, bright orange in the new bed with the Jelena Witchhazel who blooms in late winter, creating a nice compliment to one another.

It's hard to not be in the garden as much this fall, but tiss the nature of life. I enjoyed a relaxing lounge in a garden chair watching the garlic planting in fresh Cedar Grove compost in place of the potatoes who ended their season weeks ago. Some of the extra Korean Red Garlic found it's way into fresh guacamole Friday night.

A few of the Autumn Joy Sedums seen blooming purple in these photos were transplanted into the new beds along with the frilly Mexican Feather Grass that make an pleasant contrasting bed boarder. We discovered quite the clump of Oregano hiding in the middle of one of the beds, perfect for some plant trades.

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