Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall crops

Are you thinking you'd like a little green in your diet this fall and winter, without breaking the bank at the grocery store? Stop by a nursery and pick out a a few of the following starts for your fall garden:

1. kale (delicious steamed with olive oil, salt, and some sauteed mushrooms). Last year this grew from late fall into Feb, excellent long season on this crop.
2. broccoli
3. lettuce starts (get these little ones in the ground on a cool day and give them lots of water) You'll be thankful to have continued lettuce late in summer and early fall. You can continue to plant lettuce up until mid September here in the northwest. Of course if you have a greenhouse or a hoop house you're lucky enough to keep lettuce even later.
4. Garlic. Around labor day weekend, get out the heads of garlic and plop them in a nice patch of composted ground for your 2011 crop.

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