Saturday, July 24, 2010

Onion patch weeding

Early morning shady vegetable patch weeding. Sun is peaking over the tops of the ceder trees, but for now the cool breeze and I work in the garden while listenijg to birds, planes, and pandora music streaming. 
The weeds have been winning this year with the addition of the flower beds off the patio, it is a lot of work.
Broccoli crop has been ongoing for about a month. All the edibles are going to bloom now.  It will be time soon to pull them and replace with another crop.
Corn is over knee high, of course that is all relative to your height.  Good to see a solid crop looking healthy this year.
We started eating the cherry tomatoes two weeks ago. They are the first of our multiple varieties to be turning color.
Back to weeding before the sun takes over.

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