Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Full bounty

This year, with the lack of rabbit population, the vegetable garden is in full swing.  Giant Marconi peppers, have been intermingled with melons, herbs, bamboo, and flowers off the patio to encourage bees and birds.  What can be better than walking out the kitchen in bare feet, feeling the warmth of the pavers through my toes, and snipping a pepper to slice open for baking with olive oil in the oven. 

Our guests this past weekend exlaimed, "you have peppers already!" In frustration that their WA vegetables are not off to such a running start.

Our beekeeping uncle left behind a bait hive.  We're to monitor it and if we see a swarm hanging around, call him.  Do we get some portion of the honey if we help with the baiting?

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