Monday, March 1, 2010

Patio boards removed.

Taking advantage of the yet again warm weekend weather in Seattle, the boards and nails were ripped off the frame with an ordinary hammer and small pry bar. Therapeutic and excellent exercise, remembering to use the knees to pull.
Tonight is the final review of the design.  Good suggestion was offered to ask for a cash discount since the credit card company does not have to be paid that way.  Here's hoping the state business license research and IRS info pays off with a reliable contractor.
I have to say that I was surprised to find so much soil under the patio resting against the main support boards. Interestingly though, it was the top boards rotting away with pots strategically placed to prevent feet from breaking in.
I was nervous about what we might find under the patio, especially given that Peter Rabbit has not been seen since fall.  Thankfully Floppsy has widened her range and no winter teeth marks or beheadings have befallen the garden greens. I will take precautions and grow the corn and broccoli under cover of Harvest Guard cloth.

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