Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wood patios rot in the Northwest

While wood may be plentiful, I think the English had it right to create long lasting stone patios in rainy climates.
Demo has begun on the 16x20' rotting wood patio. The idea is to replace it with a cement paver patio and retaining wall, doubling the size. On the land side of the wall will be easy access to vegetables and herbs.  A 12" topper will provide multiple functions such as seating, place for potted plants, and the occasional drink or food while relaxing in the sun.
Estimates for pavers and install have been reviewed, with the preferred contractor selected. Target completion is end of March. 
What should the first items be on the new patio?  What plants do you grow on your patios? 


  1. I want to see pics of the destruction! Post again please!

    As far as patio veggies, I would encourage you to put your herbs, green onions, and other frequently used items close enough to run out in your slippers while scrambling eggs or cooking up dinner. It's all about easy access!

  2. Gnomes. Lots of gnomes. :)


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