Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost July '09 Garden Update

Well, we have almost made it to July in our Garden. In the last couple weeks we put together a cold frame, which is helping our corn grow. We've watched the rabbits eat our broccoli, kale, black hollyhocks, and lots of other young starts, but no lettuce. We've been giving it away, we have so much. The apple trees look good, just planted last year but putting out lots of fruit.

A few blueberries and raspberries are hanging on the branches of their bushes. Our neighbor behind us is finally trimming back the cedar, so who knows, we may have another 10x20ft garden patch for more veggies soon.

Started some carrots, broccoli, and pole beans from seeds in the last couple of weeks. Little starts are popping their heads up.

We've been reading up on vegetable gardening and learning about spacing of vegetables to have to water less. There's some concern about not use the water barrel run off from the garage roof on the veggies, so trialing out different methods to conserve water in the veggie patch.

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